Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg by Night - Dan Taylor Photography

Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Mozart, the home of the Salzburger Festspiele, an amazingly beautiful and old city. I recently had to head out to Salzburg on a work related trip, but made sure that I had time in the evening to capture some impressions of Salzburg. Thanks to a good friend who grew up in the area, I found a small passageway off the LinzerStraße that led up to an incredible view over the old city, with the Festung Hohensalzburg presiding over it all.

Orbital Landing in Salzburg, AustriaWhile not completely representative of Salzburg, this is one of my favorite shots from the series. This is a golden ball, or orb, that is positioned approximately one meter off the ground and suspended by a tripod. I initially shot this with my 17-55mm, but wasn’t able to capture the entire width that I wanted. Thankfully, I had my fisheye with me, but even with lying on the ground, was still capturing my legs and feet in the image. Knowing I had to be out of the shot, and wanted the maximum range possible, I set the camera on a self-timer and got far enough away to eliminate myself, and those sitting around the orb, out of the shot. There’s a bit of post-processing going on here, mainly heavy pushing of the gold and blue tones. Typically with a fisheye I’ll perform a lens correction process that creates horizontal and vertical lines instead of round ones, but since the subject matter is circular in nature, I chose to leave things be.

Blinded by the lightIf you’ve been viewing any of my other travel photography, you’ll quickly notice that this type of composition is not my usual technique. In fact, this image was created by accident, as I had just been doing a series of long exposures from the ground, and changed to a tripod view without changing the exposure times. As I heard the shutter drop open for what would have been a good 30 seconds or more, I switched the camera off. The shutter wasn’t open as long as intended, and the image comes out underexposed, but I think the resulting light trails have a beauty of their own. Another way to put this would be; This is the last thing your camera sees before you shut it off.

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