Vitaly Golomb Portrait


Date September 11, 2015
I first met Vitaly at Samer’s BDL Accelerate event in Beirut, Lebanon. He was scheduled to speak the following day, but was seated in the front row, bright and early. I spotted this chap out of the corner of my eye trying to get a peak at what gear I was toting.

I grabbed the metering test shots I needed, and then turned around to tell him, “One D600, the other a D610.” He instantly smiled and asked about the tape on my cameras. To make a long story short, I’m not sponsored by Nikon, so why should I go around advertising their gear? That, and I’m of the school that the gear doesn’t really matter, you can either get the shot, or you can’t.

Vitaly is currently in London leading a fundraising round for a super awesome project. We talked about it during the shoot, as I’m familiar with the company he’s working with, but I pledged a solemn broath not to reveal the name of said company. It’s all very James Bond.

While in London, Vitaly and I got together to shoot some corporate, “would I give this guy my money?” type shots. While there are a bit more formalized shots in the series, this horizontal portrait is my favourite of the bunch. I don’t usually do horizontal portraits, but the mood and Vitaly’s pose called for me to turn the camera and throw him a bit off center.

I used a low aperture number here, f/4 at 56mm and 1/100th of a second exposure. The result is capturing only a bit of ambient light as well as a nice bit of depth of field, while still retaining tack sharpness around the eyes.

A really fun shoot in East London, and a great editorial layout headshot for Mr. Golomb.

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