Tony Fadell – iPod, iPhone, and NEST


Date February 15, 2018

Tony Fadell – iPod, iPhone, and NEST

It’s not too often that I get the opportunity to work with someone who’s directly responsible for an object I use on a daily basis. So when one of the fathers of a device that changed an entire industry is hanging around backstage, you don’t waste the opportunity, and go over and introduce yourself.

And much like just about every celebrity figure I work with, Tony not only had time for a few shots, but was incredibly gracious and genuinely interested in the process. We produced this work together backstage at Symposium in Helsinki, Finland.

The hair and makeup people were very kind and allowed me to set up a micro-studio in their space and I was able to quickly grab speakers just after coming off stage to grab a few shots. Working in such a tight environment like this can be tricky, but it also gets the buy in from my subjects, as they see what I’m working with, and I’ve often found will be even more cooperative, if for nothing else, compassionate about the close quarters.

For this image, I actually had to coach Tony out of a smile. He’s truly one of the happiest people I’ve met, and wears a smile like a pro.

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me, get in touch!

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