Thylacine at La Gaîté lyrique, Paris, France


Client Heisenberg Media
Date August 21, 2015

While covering Futur en Seine with Heisenberg Media, I had the unbelievable opportunity to photograph electronic music artist Thylacine. I originally posted this story over on the Heisenberg Media blog, but want to stress it here as well (because William is just simply awesome).

Admittedly, I didn’t really know who Thylacine was, and certainly didn’t know what he looked like. So I start chatting with this guy backstage, and mention that I was just in Berlin a few nights before, and had watched Sven Väth lay down a set. I told him that I didn’t really dig that dark, Berlin techno sound anymore. This guy then asks what I didn’t like and who some of my favourite artists were.

Chat, chat, chat, and at one point the stage manager walks by and says, “William, five minutes.” William/Thylacine then smiles at me and says, “Man, you know your shit. Just don’t use a flash, but you can come onstage with me to get your shots.”

Needless to say, my jaw almost hit the floor. Moral of the story – be cool to everyone you meet, because you might never know exactly who they are, and what they’re about to do.

Here are my favourite image selections from Thylacine at La Gaîté lyrique, Paris, France.

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