TEDxAmsterdam Speaker Portraits


Date December 2, 2019

TEDxAmsterdam Speaker Portraits

A few weeks back I had the great opportunity to work with some very talented, extraordinary, and unique individuals via the TEDxAmsterdam event.

I arrived the night before at the end of a Utrech->Berlin->Amsterdam tour, and sadly missed the opportunity to view the space. So when I arrived the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the area that had marked off for me … was a massive hall. In other words, no low ceilings, no narrow room. In fact, almost too MUCH space to deal with. A great problem to have.

And while I considered utilising the room, since it was flooded with natural light, I quickly realised that for the same of homogeny, I was going to have to pass on this option, and stick to controlled lighting.

My setup was very simple, one large octobox, and one highlight light coming from the rear, with a dramatic black backdrop. The black was chosen as part of the TED branding, and for the highlight light, I decided to go with a red gel, thus completing the branding scheme.

As for the portraits themselves, I wanted to try something a bit different. Instead of a standard “posed” shot, which to be fair, some subjects struck better than others, for each of these images, I asked the speaker to tell me what their talk was about. Some where quite animated in their descriptions, which, for me, made for all the better images.

All in all, a great day with some great imagery generated. … and from what I was told, those that I was photographing enjoyed the experience just as much as I did.

Subjects include:

    Charles Groenhuijsen
    Charlie Bo Meijering
    Lucie van Ree
    Lida Straathof
    Arjan Dwarshuis
    Femke van der Laan
    Wouter de Jong
    Bette Dam
    Carola Rackete
    Jan van de Venis
    Thijs Biersteker
    Marc Daniel van Biemen
    Benjamin Peled
    Jeroen Woudstra
    Irma Van Dueren
    Sahar Ghanem
    Asghar of Orcheste Partout
    Lex of Orcheste Partout
    Ted of Orcheste Partout
    Karwan of Orcheste Partout
    Modar of Orcheste Partout
    Ziad of Orcheste Partout
    Maryam of Orcheste Partout
    Shayne Smart
    Mariah Mansvelt Beck
    David Beckett

If you’d like to make your event extra special, and include a series of portraits for your speakers, VIPS, etc., get in touch, and let’s have a chat!

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