Tam Le and Uldis Leiterts Wedding


Date January 14, 2018

Tam Le and Uldis Leiterts Wedding

Most people who know me, recognise me as an event photographer, more specifically, a tech event photographer. Not necessarily the first guy you think of when it comes to wedding photography.But what does that mean? Am I specifically tied to just the stage and lights?

I’d like to think not, but more so, an integrated part of the traveling circus we all know and love.

And in so much, as more and more of my compatriots begin the lifelong journey of love, laughter, and companionship, they decide to get married. And with that, they want photo documentation of their very special day. … and who better to trust it to than the guy who’s work they already know and respect and know will go above and beyond to deliver? (Psssst … this is where I come into the picture). 🙂

So when Uldis Leiterts got in touch regarding his wedding, there were no second thoughts involved. It was simply a matter of, “Ok brother. Where and when?” … and I’m there.

When to step in … and when to back off

Much like the story of when I worked together with Wytze and Lotte, I’d known Uldis for a few years, but until the day of the wedding, had never met his bride. 

Which … can sometimes be tricky, as I know she’s bound to be nervous on this day, and to have someone you just met poking around, especially with a camera, calls for the ability to read a room VERY quickly and know when to step in for the shot, just as much as when to back off and wait for a better moment.

Tam was an absolute superstar and was incredible to work with. Not a single time did she lose her cool, and was more than fine with me being here, there and everywhere.

A palace for a Prince and Princess

Now, how the couple pulled off having their wedding in one of the largest baroque castles in Latvia, Rundāle, I have no idea, but given the description, I’m sure you can imagine just how fairy tale the entire evening was.

From the gran entrance to the ceremony room to the reception hall, … whoa! To be fair, baroque isn’t my personal favourite style, but I’m happy all the same to appreciate every single golden leafed statue in the place.

Simply a stunning venue to get married in.

All in all, a truly beautiful wedding ceremony with a beautiful couple.

And while I would never want to pigeonhole myself as a wedding photographer, the more and more of them that I document, the more and more I love being an integral part of a truly loving day.

Wishing Tam Le and Uldis Leiters a lifetime of happiness and all the best!

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me, get in touch!

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