Steve Wozniak


Date October 12, 2016

Steve Wozniak. The Woz. The one and only. The man the co-founded Apple, and worked side by side with Steve Jobs. And now to have the opportunity to repeat the process?

Meeting him for the first time backstage in the green room, I asked Steve if I could have his time a few minutes before he got mic’d up to take the stage at Business Rocks in Manchester, England. As luck would have it, I’ll now have the opportunity to photograph him again, this time at the BDL Accelerate event in Beirut, Lebanon in just a few weeks.

To say that The Woz is one of the most successful, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met, would be a massive understatement. Not only did he give me the, “Sure thing, no problem,” but he also wanted to know about my “little” camera (The Fujifilm x-pro2). His first question was, “Is it a Leica?” I get this all the time when shooting with my favourite rangefinder, and while no, it’s not a Leica, personally, I think the Fujifilm has a lot of benefits over the Leica. But that’s a whole other post.

I initially set up for a low key headshot (the black background), and after firing off a few shots, I thought, hang on a minute, I wonder what a high key shot would look like (the white background). In changing looks with Steve right in front of me, this required I move a flash and have him take a few steps forward. Ever the curious one, Steve was asking questions throughout the shoot. “So what are you doing here? What’s this one for? What does this light do?” It’s not hard to see how and why this man is responsible for bringing the home computer to the masses, and engineering a cost effective way to do it.

After producing this shot together, I sent it over to The Woz, and received one of the nicest replies I’ve ever had the pleasure to read:

“It was great to watch you work. I love seeing great technical skills of all kinds.”

Yeah. Steve Wozniak liked watching me work?!?! Are you kidding? Humbled, honoured, and so so SO grateful for what I get to do for a living. 🙂

If you’re interested in the technical specs behind how Steve and I produced this image together, I wrote an article for Fujifilm directly which is published over on their blog.

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