Step Music


Date April 10, 2017

Step Music

Step Music was a new addition to the Step Conference, and took place on 7 April 2017 in Dubai, UAE. For their very first outing, I was truly impressed. Not only by the lineup, but the organizers did an outstanding job, making sure that every last detail was taken care of.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t really up to speed on who the performers were, but as I later found out, some of the biggest names in Middle Eastern music were performing, and what a treat it was. My VERY special thanks go out to The Wanton Bishops, who were particularly cool with me. I shot their soundcheck the night before, and even got the, “Hey man, just don’t get in anyone’s way, but feel free to come out on stage with us to get some shots.”

… and that made all the difference.

I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but needless to say – I had a f*cking blast, and can’t WAIT to see what the team pulls off next year as this is going to be hard to top.

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