Sir Richard Branson Portrait


Date November 3, 2015
Sir Richard Branson. In portrait.

I photographed Sir Richard backstage at the HR Tech World Congress in Paris, France last week. He was keynoting the event, and I’d been shadowing his team that afternoon. It’s not everyday that you get to ride in a lift with a man of Branson’s stature, and when you do, you’d better bring your A game.

Sir Richard was slated to close the first day, and therefor I had time throughout the morning to scope out a suitable location. It had to be an area not far from the backstage area, and provide enough light to focus.

Clearly the portrait gods were with me, as I was handed a makeup area just outside the backstage doors, including a red velvet curtain to be pulled for a bit privacy. And so it was.

Just after leaving the stage, I walked with Sir Richard to my setup, introduced myself, and got to work. Knowing that he was already 10 minutes behind his schedule (on his way to Charles de Gaulle to catch a flight), I knew I had one shot to get this right.

Using my new Fuji X-T1 and Fujinon 56mm f/1.2, and two Speedlight portrait setup, I quickly directed the scene, locked in my focus, and opened the shutter.

One shot.

I can’t even imagine how many photo shoots Sir Richard has done in his lifetime, and he’s an absolute professional in front of the lens.

I thanked Sir Richard, he returned the thank you, put his jacket on, and headed out the door to an awaiting car.

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