Shingy Portrait


Date October 29, 2015
I had the pleasure and honour to spend a few minutes with David Shing, aka Shingy backstage at the HR Tech World Congress in Paris a few days ago. Knowing that he’s a busy guy with lots of people asking for his time, I (literally) gave him the elevator pitch between floors -3 and 0 and busy or not, he was super nice about my request, “Sure, I’d love to.”

As is to be expected with conferences, the stage schedule was running a bit behind, and never missing an opportunity, I asked Shingy if we could do some shots then and there.

To say that he was an easy customer would be an understatement. This man walked into my makeshift studio and put his game face on. There are some subjects where I have to walk them through the process, crack a few jokes, and get them comfortable enough to get some great images. And then there’s Shingy. When you have a style an unique as this guy, getting some great looks out of him was a walk in the park.

A few tech specs: I went out on a limb here and left my Nikon’s to the side and shot Shingy with the the Fuji X-T1 and my new 56mm f/1.2 (courtesy of the good folks at Chiswick Camera Centre). I used the PocketWizards I normally shoot with in combination with a Nikon SB-900 as the key light and Nikon SB-800 as the highlight light. Now here’s the real kicker – I shot this image at f/8.0 at 125th of a second at ISO 200.

Because the Fuji provides a live view of what you’re going to shoot, I had to compensate for the speedlights (aka flashes without a modeling light), thus, I had no way of seeing the “live” shot. What I did was used the AF illumination light to focus in on Shingy’s eye and compose the shot. I’ll admit, there was a bit of “man, I hope I’ve got this right” a few times, but as you can see from the final result, I think Shingy and I got what we needed.

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Little known fact (to me before doing some research), David Shing is also a singer/songwriter. And a fairly awesome one at that. So from one rockstar to another, I salute you Shingy!

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