Samer Karam Portrait


Client Heisenberg Media
Date September 7, 2015
Samar Karam is Chairman & General Manager of Startup Megaphone, an organisation dedicated to managing Lebanon’s international image, serve the growing ecosystem, and broadcast Lebanese success stories.

Samer is also the guy that brought me to Beirut last year to cover the BDL Accelerate conference, and we’ve forged a great friendship over the years that I’ve know him.

While recently covering the Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany, Samer was preparing to take the stage. I passed by him and spotted this incredible stick on mustache and knew it was a shot that had to happen. Using all natural light, I simply had him turn 90 degrees to his right so that the key lighting, here highly diffused light from a white canvas above us, would highlight his features.

A completely natural, fun, and telling portrait, this is exactly how I see Samer. A guy who knows his shit, but also knows how to have a great time while executing a great message.

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