Rudy Giuliani


Date June 12, 2016
When I first walked into the Speaker’s Dinner hosted by NOAH and partner Axel Springer, I assumed it would be much like the previous year’s dinner, with a keynote by a high profile individual. Last year we heard from Arianna Huffington, and I expected something similar this year. As with any job, I showed up well before the actual call time, as I always like to capture the room/stage/area(s) with minimal amounts of people.

Doing the same this year, I glanced over at the table setting name cards, and started following the line up to the head of the table. Yep, recognise him, her, her, him, etc. By the time I got towards the head of the table the names started getting more and more impressive, until my eye landed on one Rudy Giuliani. “No way, are you kidding me? Mayor Giuliani?” Whoa!

As a former resident of NYC, and one who lived there during 2001, love him or hate him, Mayor Giuliani held the city together at one of the critical times in it’s history, and deserves every ounce of respect one can muster. …at least that’s the way I see it.

So when I consulted the schedule for the next day and saw that Mr. Guilani was delivering a keynote, there’s no way in hell that that man was leaving the building before we met and did some work together.

Hovering a bit in the green room, I approached the Mayor, introduced myself, and asked him if I could have 90 seconds of his time before he got mic’d up to take the stage. He was incredibly gracious, looked at me and my cameras, glanced at his security, and with a nod said, “Ok, how about right now?”

And when a man like Rudy Giuliani says, “how about right now,” you don’t say no. We walked over to my studio setup, and like a natural, he straightened his tie, put his hands in his pockets and flashed that trademark smile.

During the very short shoot, I told the Mayor that I was a resident of NYC in 2001, and thanked him for everything that he did. After we’d done the work, he shook my hand again, and said to me, “You’re welcome. It was a very hard time for us all, and I’m glad you’re here today to tell me your story.”

What a true gentleman. Mayor Giuliani, thank YOU sir.

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