Professor Karin Pittman


Date July 22, 2016

Professor Karin Pittman works in the Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture Research Group, Department of Biology, at the University of Bergen, Norway.

She was an attendee at the Startup Extreme event I covered in Bergen and Voss. While I was shooting a series of Viking headshots, Karin entered my makeshift studio, and I could tell right away that this woman was different. Not one I wanted to capture as a viking princess.

After a few back and forth sentences, I realised that my summation was correct. And while I normally don’t care, when photographing Karin, I asked for the room to be cleared so that we could work one-on-one.

We talked about this, that, and the other, as well as trading a few fashion and jewellery favourite designs and designers that produce them. And as I do love a photographic challenge, Karin and I set out on a variety of looks. Some I liked, some she liked better. We took a short break, and I asked her about her favourite music. This conversation then spawned another avenue of back and forth, and we quickly headed back to the lights and camera.

The result is a very unique headshot of Professor Karin Pittman. And while the image has some technical imperfections, I believe the overall composition and dynamics far overshadow these, and make for a dramatic presentation.

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