Pia Henrietta Kekalainen Portrait


Date August 27, 2015

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. I shot this portrait of Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen in November of 2012. I was assisting Luca on a portrait shoot, and we’d done a bunch of shots already with various lighting setups.

We were just about to wrap things up when one of us spotted the projector on the meeting room table and decided to fire it up and project some patterns on the wall. I think the initial thinking was to use them as a background, but needless to say, once I saw Pia in front of the pattern, it was just too good to ignore.

While the projector certainly made for some great visuals, color correcting this image, as well as timing the flicker rate in contrast to the shutter speed of the camera was a monster of a challenge. Innately, the projector casts a blue hue, and even while pushing the yellow and green values, this image still ends up on the cool side. Which, I think looks just fine.

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