Pharrell Williams


Date April 9, 2019

Pharrell Williams

I had the opportunity to work with Pharrell Williams at the Brilliant Minds event held in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2017.

Now I’m not going to say that Pharrell was the easiest person I’ve ever worked with, but that’s not a judgement call on my part, as I have no idea what his day was like that day. Not that he was horrible with me or anything, but he just didn’t seem in the mood to have a laugh. When I asked him to do a few things for me, he didn’t even go through the motions, but stayed rather flat.

Picking up on this cue, I thought, well, ok, let’s turn it around the other way then. Give me stone-cold serious. Sombre. Piercing.

And I think he delivered. In droves.

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