OMClub – Cologne, Germany

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Date September 16, 2019

OMClub – Cologne, Germany

When I cover an event, there’s inevitably the opening, first night, or closing party. A conference without a killer party is like pancakes without the maple syrup. Like gin without the tonic. Like rock without the roll.

In other words, no conference is complete without one. And to a good end … As I always remind clients, “No deals were ever forged in the main speaking hall. They begin with an intro, with a drink, with a “Have you met … Ted?””

Having said all that, there are parties, and then there’s the OMClub party that the folks from Pirate Summit host on the night before the opening of DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany.

Outside of my professional duties, I’ve graced the floors and nooks and crannies of nightclubs on three continents, and have seen my fair share of “Holy Fuck this is amazing shit!”. Now, I’m not going to tell you that the OMClub party is the best one I’ve ever been too, because it’s not. But it IS the best business related party I’ve ever seen.

Circus performers, acrobats, DJ’s and live acts, go-karts, carnival rides, and oh yes, seemingly unlimited amounts of crafted cocktails make for one helluva good show.

And as you might have guessed from the title of this article, the OMClub party is the UNofficial opening of DMEXCO. In other words, the Pirates PIRATE a party. Being as such, I don’t think DMEXCO even promotes it (maybe they do? Hit me on Twitter if I’m wrong), but everyone and their sister seems to know about it. And more importantly, shows up.

It’s a sight to be seen, for sure, and if you’re heading to Cologne next week like me, you can save your hard earned cash and skip the “official” party, and come play with the real party people (you KNOW you’re one of them) at the UNofficial one.

And if you decide to attend because of this article, be sure to let Till and/or Manuel and/or Randolf know. Psssst … those are the guys with the free drink tickets.

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