Olivia and Liam Wedding


Date September 11, 2018

Olivia and Liam Wedding

I’ve known Liam almost as long as I’ve been working as a professional photographer. It was sometime early back in 2013, and we instantly had that, “Oh you’re an American living and working in Europe AND in the media industry?” connection, and have been friends ever since.

Liam’s one of the good guys. During his time with The Rude Baguette, Liam hired me countless times, sometimes eschewing Parisian photographers, and footing the bill for my travel and lodging. … and I’ve never forgotten it.

I’ve known Olivia almost as long, and I’ve honestly never seen this woman without a friendly smile, and a genuine, “how are you?”.

So when two people of such generosity, talent, and love decide to make things official, there was no way in hell I was going to pass on being the guy that capture the moments.

Taking place August 24th in Paris, Olivia and Liam said the “Oui”s and signed the papers, and are now officially Man and Wife. (I often wonder why it’s not Husband and Woman. Or Man and Woman. … but I digress).

As with every wedding I photograph, it’s never too early to get started, and thus I messaged Olivia the night before and asked her what time I could arrive at their flat. We agreed on 8am. Early, but not too early. I often find these “pre” times to be the ones with the truest emotions. The preparations are (mostly) done, and the bride and the groom are nervous, but also joyous, and often take these times to be with their loved ones. I find the key to getting the best imagery in this scenario is to simply become unnoticed. Hint: The silent shutter mode on the Fujifilm X-T2 (and all mirrorless cameras) is a killer feature that greatly aids in this quest.

To say that the couple had thought this one through for their guests would be putting it mildly. The day started off at the Mairie de Saint-Mandé where we had a short but sweet “official” ceremony. A few words here and there, two “Oui”s, official records signed, and boom … married.

And now for the entertainment. Olivia and Liam hired a tour bus that took guests on a two hour sightseeing tour, that was quite informative. I’ve visited Paris a number of times, but discovered a few new things and places that I was unaware of. Note to self, go to the Trocadéro next time for “THE” iconic Eiffel Tower shot.

Next up, a scavenger hunt for guests in the Jardin des Plantes. A perfect excuse to randomly pair strangers together, provide them with a common activity, and introduce serendipity. You might even think that Liam and Paola (the wedding planner) might have had some experience with this whole “organising and event” thing. While the group was off scavenging, Olivia and Liam and I went off on our own photoshoot around the garden.

And capping off a beautiful day, all aboard a cruise ship that toured around the Seine and finally moored just in front of the Eiffel Tower. Perfect. Simply Perfect.

All in all, a fabulous day with great people, incredible food, beautiful scenery, and SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Olivia, Liam, thank you for including me on your most special of days. It was, and will always remain, my honour.

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me, get in touch!

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