Nadia Ammar Portrait


Date September 1, 2015
Nadia Ammar is a London based executive working in the non-profit sector. During our shoot, she informed me that the last time she had a portrait done was 20 years ago. About time to update that look, don’t you think?

After viewing my portrait of Stuart Griffith, Nadia got in touch and we hashed out a convenient time to meet and shoot.

This past Sunday morning, Nadia and I convened in her spacious living room, and shared our makeshift studio with one massive cat named Zazu.

Upon meeting Nadia in person, the first thing that I was struck by was her incredible hair. I’m a big fan of textures and patterns, and Nadia’s hair is truly a sight to behold. Kinky and curly beyond all reason, I quickly decided that this was to be one unique way to showcase this powerful woman.

Presenting my idea, Nadia was quite up for “the flip”, and while it took a number of shots, some headbanging like activity, and some careful timing, we managed to nail this unique portrait of her hair at it’s zenith.

An absolute pleasure to work with, and we got a ton of great shots out of the shoot. To me, this shot in particular stands head and shoulders (and hair?) above the rest.

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