Kerrie and Dan Wedding


Date May 31, 2014

One of the most enjoyable photographic experiences I’ve ever had, I’ll let the Bride tell you all about it.

“Unique, beautiful and fast! That is exactly what you are getting when you book Dan as your photographer. He is head and shoulders above others out there!

With a wedding spread over two countries and lasting a week, Dan was present at every event and created gorgeous images of ourselves, the venue and all the intricacies of our wedding. Amazingly, he was able to create stunning photos with an unbelievably quick turnaround time. Whilst other friends had to wait weeks or months for their photos, Dan was able to show his splendid photos by later on that day.

An amazing photographer was so important to us, we dislike all the posed cookie-cutter images. We wanted to document all the beautiful moments and capture all the things you miss as the focus couple: the exchanges between old friends and new family members, the glances between loved ones that give you a secret insight into relationships and above all else capturing the atmosphere to forever take you back to how you felt in that very moment. This takes a skilled artist who can achieve this, we found all this and more in Dan.

We were so impressed by his professionalism, zesty passion for his art, his sense of humour, easy going nature and ability to magically produce our images the very same evening he’d taken them! Look no further, you’ve found the perfect person to take on the huge responsibility of the images that you and your family will treasure forever. We’ll definitely be seeing him again at our Renewal of Vows!” – Dr. Kerrie Conaway

To book me for your special day, talk to me at @mountaindan or via the contact form.


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