Jimmy Wales


Date April 25, 2017

Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia/wikiTRIBUNE Founder

As Jimmy Wales announced the launch of wikiTRIBUNE today, I thought it might be a good time to publish the work we produced together at 4YFN 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

A really cool and down to earth guy, Jimmy was a true treat to work with. If I remember correctly, we had a fun chat about both being Americans but choosing to live in Europe. And at the time, Trump wasn’t even in charge. I really wonder how that conversation would go today. I can imagine a bottle of scotch might even be involved.

And on that note, Jimmy, I raise a glass to your wikiTRIBUNE project, and hope that it truly helps bring the news back to what it was meant to be, and not an endless stream of click bait.

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