Ji Kim aka The Classy Cloud


Date March 22, 2016
I had the pleasure and honour to photograph Lufthansa Airlines flight attendant and travel blogger Ji Kim, aka The Classy Cloud at CeBIT Global Conferences in Hannover, Germany.

As luck would have it, she was backstage having a break after delivering an inspiring talk onstage and talking to a number of interested bloggers about her success and worldly travels. She had asked one of the backstage hands to snap a photo of her, and naturally, I wasn’t going to let some poor lighting spoil a great shot.

I grabbed my Fuji X-Pro2, the 56mm, and got behind the iPhone and shot a few natural light shots. Showing them to Ji, I then asked her if she’d like to step over to my makeshift studio and use some proper lighting to capture her image.

To say that this woman is a natural in front of the camera would be an understatement. She stuck a number of beautiful poses, but this one, looking down, and highlighting her excellent makeup was my favourite of the shoot.

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