Harper Reed


Date October 10, 2016

This is my friend Harper Reed. As his bio states, He is awesome. And he’s done, and continues to do, some awesome things. But instead of talking about his accomplishments, I’d rather tell you why I think he’s awesome.

In addition to seriously knowing his technological shit, Harper is a damn fine photographer. So from one photographer to another, you can imagine the conversations that we have. There’s nothing I enjoy better than a proper geek out with a fellow friend passionate about f stops and ISO.

I first met Harper in Berlin at NEXT 13 (2013), where he was headlining the event. In addition to getting one of my favourite shots to this day, I also grabbed him on his way out the door and asked him for a quick headshot. …one of the very first I’d ever done. To be honest, the shot was so/so, and I’d always wanted to have the chance to do another one with him.

Fast forward a few months, and we met again at the Web Summit, whereby I re-introduced myself, and started chit chatting about my cameras. One of things that’s always stuck me about Harper is his unending source of curiosity. Harper is the kind of guy I can imagine as a child was the one who took the VCR apart just to see how it worked.

And this trait has clearly served him well. Even now, when we produced this work together in Rekyjavik, Harper and I spent the good portion of a 3km hike up to a volcano (no shit, this really happened) talking about cameras and crop format vs. full frame, and primes vs. zooms, and how I like to frame images. And for a guy that’s in charge of some pretty heavy duty shit, you’d never know it by having a beer with him.

So when the time came to produce some works for the event I was working on, needless to say, my first shot of the night would be none other than Harper. He was milling around in the backstage area that I was setting up in, and I immediately asked him to step in for a lighting test. As I’ve mentioned before, I really need to stop thinking about these shots as “tests”, because 9 times out of 10, they end up being some really really creative shots. … or maybe the other way to think of it is that every shot is a test shot?

Ladies and gentlemen, my friend and brother in lenses and sensors, Mr. Harper Reed.

If you’d like to work with me, get in touch, or talk to me at @mountaindan.

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