Fashion Forward


Date October 20, 2017

Fashion Forward

Just over a year ago, I collaborated with a talented group to execute a promotional campaign for CeBIT Global Conferences with a focus on the technology and wearables of tomorrow.

On location at the Hanover Zoo, we had the entire place to ourselves until noon. With so much eye candy to choose from, I have to admit that it was one after the other, “Ooo … this would look great!” and “Hang on, let me see where the light is falling … can you turn this way instead?”

As with any editorial, it’s important to know the context, the story, and where and how the final images are going to be used. To this end, before any shutters were opened, there was a series of phone calls, storyboards, ideas, crap ideas, great ideas.

Most of these images were shot using natural light and a diffuser here and there, and a reflector (or two) here and there. My goal was to let the wardrobe speak for itself, and let my camera get out of the way.

To me, the juxtaposition of very forward fashion and the old world/school feeling of a zoo works perfectly to illustrate where we are, and where we are (very possibly) headed.

An editorial shoot makes for a nice contrast to stage work, and having never seen the site prior to the shoot, a fantastic mental exercise in what needs to be done, what do we have to work with, and how can we most efficiently achieve the agreed upon goals?

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me, get in touch!

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