Ethan Bregman Portrait


Date December 1, 2015
Ethan Bregman is a world class Race Engineer and has worked with some of the biggest names in the business He’s been a vital part of 2 24 Hours of Le Mans winning teams, 2 24 Hours of Daytona winners, and 2 American Le Mans Series GT2 Champions.

He’s also a heckuva nice guy.

So when Ethan saw that I was heading to NYC for work, he quickly got in touch and asked if I had time to do some work with him. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to turn down this incredible opportunity.

Thinking about a suitable location, I knew Ethan’s been working on a workshop/living space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and wanted to capture a bit of the industrial feel of his project. While there are a number of images in this series, (some even include a metal grinder!) I’ll save them for Ethan Bregman, Race Engineer, to release to the public. You might find some of them over at Ayton Performance.

From my point of view, this was “the” killer shot from the session. As Ethan’s job requires him to maintain razor sharp focus over some tremendously long periods of time, my keyword here was focus. Eschewing the normal soft lighting for a portrait session, I did the complete opposite for this shot. I removed the softbox and slapped a snoot on my flash.

With this focused light I was able to pull the eye to the main focus, and gain a dramatic shadow cast on the other side of Ethan’s face. I’m also captivated by Ethan’s expression. Timeless. Classic. Masculine.

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