Erika Lust


Date August 11, 2017

Erika Lust

How to describe Erika Lust? According to Wikipedia:

Erika Lust is a Swedish erotic film director, screenwriter and producer. Alongside others such as Petra Joy and Anna Span, Lust has been instrumental in promoting the aims of the feminist pornography movement.[2] She has written several books. She lives and works in Barcelona.

Her film Cabaret Desire won her the Feminist Porn Award for Movie of the Year in 2012. It also won the Cinekink Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature. The first two compilations of her XConfessions series have won her the Feminist Porn Awards for Hottest Straight Vignette in 2014 and 2015 respectively. In 2015, A theatrical cut of XConfessions was screened at Chicago International Film Festival and at Raindance Film Festival in London. Following that, in 2016, Lust held two sold out screenings of the XConfessions Theatrical Cut at Babylon in Berlin in February and won Best Narrative Short at the Cinekink Awards for short film An Appointment with My Master.

To me, she’s a champion of changing perceptions and views of what can be. I personally believe that the genre has been male focused for far too long, for a variety of reasons, and champions like Erika are helping to break down this status quo. Pssssst … women like porn too. 😉

From the moment I met Erika and her husband Pablo, I knew we were in for some magic. The two of them were absolute stars in my makeshift studio, and we quickly established a friendly repore.

Working with another professional who spends time creating visual art is always a treat, as we both have an unspoken understanding. A little insider knowledge. A wink. And a smile.

It was the moment when I leaned in and asked Erika if I could adjust her hair, she turned to Pablo and said, “I always like it when they adjust my hair. It means they’re paying attention.”

We ran through a couple of looks, and naturally she knew a few poses and body positions. After having a look at the camera, I stepped back, setup everything up, and simple told Erika, “You know what? Let’s just have a chat, and I’ll fire off a few shots.”

In doing so, the “pose” was removed, and I believe what I was able to capture is Erika Lust. In her natural state. Just as she is.

Enjoy, and if you’d like to work with me, get in touch!

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