Dave McClure


Date September 5, 2016

Dave McClure. When it comes to the jokers and pranksters of Silicon Valley, I’m not sure who’d come out on top, The Woz or McClure. To prove a point, one of the company guidelines for 500 Startups is, “Have fun, make money.” Moreover, when you get a business card from Dave McClure, his title reads, “Founding Partner & Sith Lord.” No shit. 🙂

So, as difficult as it was for me to work with someone who values humour as much as I do (you ARE catching the sarcasm, right?), I have the great opportunity to have a few minutes with Dave at the 500 Startups and SUP46 Demo Day held in Stockholm, Sweden.

While we have the serious and smiling shots, these are just a bit too “ordinary” for Dave. So once we had these in the bag, I thought, let’s take this in another direction. I quickly grabbed a small reflector to add a bit more light to Dave’s face (and get him even more relaxed, e.g. something to do with his hands), he instantly started playing for the camera.

My words exactly, “Ok Dave, now I just want you to hold this right here, and let’s get a test shot to make sure the lighting is still good.” No sooner had I let go of the reflector, I could almost see the iconic Dave McClure “Cat in the Hat” hat go on, and we got shot after shot that put a big smile on both our faces.

A true gent to work with, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the one … the only …. Dave McClure.

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