The Casualties – Live in Helsinki, Finland


Date November 30, 2016

The Casualties – Live in Helsinki, Finland

I love moments of serendipity. You know, those unexpected opportunities that present themselves; the ones where you tend to believe that the universe is pushing you in a direction.

And so it was in Riga, Latvia yesterday. Packing things up after a rather successful talk at the Digital Freedom Festival, a crew of us were at the airport heading to Helsinki, Finland for Slush. Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m scared of flying, but I’m also not the biggest fan of propeller planes. Something about rockstars and small planes don’t often mix so well. So as I was joking around with the company, I also happened to spot some kindred spirits getting ready to board the same plane.

Apparently my peeps did as well, for when Jorge Herrera from The Casualties boarded, I heard, “Yo Dan, your people are here.” Jorge spotted me as well, and I knew I had only a split second to get this started. I shoved a card in his hand and told him if he wanted some photos from the gig, get in touch.

Upon arrival in Helsinki, I spotted Rick Lopez, and quickly struck up a conversation. To be honest, I didn’t recognize them straight off the bat and had to ask. The minute he told me the band’s name, I had one of those, “Holy shit, are you fucking kidding me? How the fuck did I not catch this in the first place,” moments.

A quick this that and the other, and Rick had my name down on the list, and my mission for that evening was clear – nail the fuck out of these shots, and show these gents my gratitude for the free ticket.

The Casualties took to the stage just before 10 pm at Elmun Baari in Helsinki, Finland, and to say that they lit it up would be an understatement. While I’ve photographed my fair share of punk shows, I have to say, The Casualties brought the fucking energy! … and then some.

Knowing what to expect, I got my shots from the pit, but then steered clear. Not that I mind a good pushing and shoving, but when you’re strapped in with three cameras and lenses, shit tends to get a bit tricky. I spotted a few locations on either side of the stage, and set up camp. This position allowed me to get nice and close to Rick and Jake, as well as walk freely behind Meggers to get everything I needed.

And the icing on the cake? Between songs, Jake spotted me, leaned in and said, “Just stay behind the amp, but come up here on stage, you get way better shots of the audience.” Fuck. YES! And to cap things off, the final song of the night, The Casualties invited the audience to share the stage with them, and all hell broke loose. In the best possible way.

I’m honored and privileged to present these images, and would relish the opportunity to work with the band again. Anytime. Anywhere.

Rock. Fucking. On.

If you’d like to work with me, get in touch, or talk to me at @mountaindan.

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