Bjorn Wood Portrait


Date August 28, 2015

Bjorn Wood is the founder of UK based Buttacup, “the first range of curved planters created to brighten up your home and garden.”

After a consultation with Dan Doherty of Grafform, Bjorn got in touch regarding a series of headshots that he could use for various marketing and promotional tools.

A few short emails, a tube ride, and a flight of stairs later, Bjorn and I spent the morning crafting his perfect look. This image from the series is the one that stands out the most to me.

Not really a standard “headshot” as we’ve covered the half-body basis, but the pose he struck, the timelessness of it, or maybe more appropriately, as Bjorn put it, “This is like one of those photos you see framed and hanging above a fireplace.”


If you’re looking for a portrait that stands out from the crowd, talk to me a @mountaindan or via the contact form.

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