Benjamin Costantini


Date December 3, 2016

Benjamin Costantini

I think Benjamin Costantini and I first met at 4YFN a few years back in Barcelona. Ben is one of those people who are so gracious, so welcoming, and so heart warming, that I feel like we’ve known each other for years.

A regular on the conference circuit, we’ve crossed paths many times and spent our fair share of late nights at cocktail bars, cops in cars, and never seen a woman so alone.

This year while attending and covering Slush in Helsinki, Finland, I had a lighting setup in the media area and low and behold, guess who comes around the corner at just the right time? None other than Mr. Costantini. “Hey Ben, got a second? I want to try something a little different here. Want a new shot?”

That, and he’s sporting a fresh new haircut, so hey…why not, right?

Well, again, I really need to stop thinking about lighting tests as tests, as this was one of the first shots that we did together, and if I’m honest, one of the most dramatic I’ve done to date. One simple off camera flash placed directly to the left of Ben’s face. I wanted the huge shadow and positioned the light in such a way where I knew have of him would be in the darkness. … and as anyone who’s ever attended Slush will tell you – it’s all about the darkness.

Thanks a million Ben. I fucking LOVE this shot!

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