Anne-Laure Hoegeli and Eric Toulemonde Wedding


Date July 21, 2016

So just after wrapping an event in Berlin, I had a quick 14 hour turnaround and found myself in the picturesque town of Carcassonne, France for the wedding of Anne-Laure Hoegeli and Eric Toulemonde.

While Eric was born and raised in Versailles, Anne-Laure comes from Carcassonne, and it was a real treat to accompany her during the day leading up to the ceremony. That morning, she told me the story of how the hairdresser that coiffed her that morning, has been the same hairdresser she’d been seeing since she was four years old. Likewise, her makeup artist, she’s known for some 10 plus years.

This got me to thinking about the history and homogeny that comes with sticking close to home and forging those life long relationships. And now, these relationships also include a whole new family.

As my friend Trista asked at the reception dinner later that evening, “Have you never been to a French wedding? Oh yeah, we’re in for a night of productions.” … and that’s putting it lightly. From the dinner with friends the night before, to the city hall legal marriage, to the church official marriage to the dinner and party that evening, nothing was small, and nothing was unplanned. And for a bride on her most important day, I’ve never seen Anne-Laure act any cooler. If she was nervous, you couldn’t see it on her face.

And Eric? Man, this guy might just be auditioning for the next Bond film. Cool under pressure doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As with every wedding I shoot, it’s always a true honour to be selected as the guy entrusted to capture a couple’s very special day. And I will admit, every. single. time. The minute those vows come out, I have to pull the camera away from my face, wipe away a few tears, and repeat, “Right. You’re the professional here Taylor. Get your sh*t together.”

So. Much. Love.

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