Allison Elizabeth – Singer/Songwriter


Date December 11, 2018

Allison Elizabeth – Singer / Songwriter

One of the most enjoyable things about what I do for a living is the creative freedom it allows me. Case in point, the shoot that these images come from are actually an architectural/interiors shoot.

Say wha now? Right. I’ll explain.

I recently did a shoot to document a new co-working locale. As time was limited, and the space rather … well, spacious, the team had organised a taskmaster for me. E.g., one who showed me/took me to each and every space that needed to be covered. And of course, we struck up a conversation immediately, and had a great laugh whilst getting down to business.

Part of the shoot also included new headshots for their director. Allison was nice enough to help out during this shoot, acting as an assistant, moving lights, holding reflectors, etc.. As a “thank you for being awesome,” I asked Allison if she’d like a few shots as well.

Every so often I get the question, “What kind of photography do you do?”. I like to take this one in stride, and I usually comment that product photography is the only thing that bores the pants off of me. For as gorgeous as diamonds are, they’re a bit bland on their conversational skills. Meaning, yes, I love what I do, and I think one of the reasons why is that my job facilitates the need for conversation. And conversations is where the real humanity happens.

Conversation is where I get to know who I’m working with and they get to know me. This builds rapport, and rapport builds trust, and trust builds beauty. And Allison is a perfect example of this. During our time around the office, I discovered that she’s not only a community manager and mom to a rowdy staffyjack, she’s a singer/songwriter. Noting her style and attitude, and having a fairly deep range of musical knowledge, we got to one shot, where it was blatantly clear she was channeling her stage persona. My immediate reaction to this was, “Damn, we’ve got some Patty Smith overtones going on here.” Well, you should have seen her face light up.

And that … was exactly where the rest of this shoot went.

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